Taking commissions for short film scripts for use in your showreel. Tailored to suit the desired genre, style, tone, characterisation, and narrative that you wish to portray, and the resources you have available.

A selection of sample scripts are available to purchase for use. Please get in touch to discuss these or for a free consultation.

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'Me and a fellow actor commissioned Ellen to write us a scene for our showreels and only a week later we were sent an absolutely outstanding screenplay! The script Ellen wrote contained exactly what we asked of her, perfectly tailor-made to fit what we needed for each of our showreels, but it also worked those elements in seamlessly, making it a very natural and pleasant script for an actor to perform. The idea for her business is quite innovative, and I haven't heard of anyone else custom-writing scenes for showreels, but I firmly believe that even if there were a hundred others doing the same thing, I couldn't and wouldn't recommend any other writer than Ellen Carnazza.'

Axel Carlsson, Actor.

Just been sent a scene myself and another actor commissioned from Ellen - I absolutely love it! It has captured everything I need in the character; completing my showreel perfectly! Cannot wait to start filming with this script!

- Meg Tremethick, Actor.