"Another standout piece was “Small Victories” by Ellen Carnazza with its thoughtful insight on the struggle of mental health issues."

"With strong performances and grounded characters... well-developed scripts and challenging story concepts."

- Alyssa Chromy,


Small Victories is a short play that follows a young woman's first couple of days at home after being discharged from in-patient treatment for her mental health. Her mental illnesses, Depression, Anxiety and Anorexia are depicted as characters that are constantly with her. Through their interactions, the play explores 'recovery' and helps to demonstrate the everyday struggles of someone with mental illness.

It was first produced at Park Theatre, London, in March 2017 by Sheer Height Theatre, and directed by Rupert Hands, as part of their festival 'Women Redressed: Act One', a celebration of female voices and stories.

On the 6th November 2017, Small Victories was performed by students at Falmouth University as part of 'Jamnesty', a spoken word evening organised by FXU Amnesty International Society to spread awareness about mental health issues.

On the 16th Feburary 2018, Small Victories was performed again in Falmouth, this time at The Poly as part of a 'Best Of' spoken word night called 'Spoken Like Prose'.

On the 19th May 2018, Tea-Powered Theatre organised a reading of the play in Bristol as part of their tea and theatre event, 'Sheatre'.

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Park Theatre, London, 11-12th March, 2017.
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